Brady is a visual artist living in Akron, Ohio, after recently graduating from Oberlin College with a BA in Studio Art with a concentration in Politics. She works in many mediums, be it drawing, painting, fabric painted clothing, reupholstering, or candle making. To view her past work, please visit her instagram:

As you may notice from her work, Brady is obsessed with homes-- the shelter we all come back to after being out in the scary world. For Brady, home is a chaotic sanctuary... protecting her from the world beyond the walls, but simultaneously trapping her into her anxiety and agoraphobia. She is captivated by people’s relationships with their homes, how they decorate it, organize it, their favorite nook to read, or maybe its their most beloved plant. She aims to not just capture the mere static objects, but to illuminate their essential role in making each home a curated temple for its respective occupant. Her drawings, and other creations, reimagine the intimate relationship with a space, exchanging energy with color, trading out the straight walls of an architect with a free hand line in an effort to better reflect the wobbly, complicated world we enter when we go home. 


Brady is available to do commission for drawings, candles, apparel, and reupholstery. If you are interested in a commission, or more specifically, having Brady draw you in your home or draw your favorite room, please click on the "CONTACT" page located in the main menu, and fill out the form.

CV available upon request.